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Study Reveals Young People Would Drive Hybrids


Generation Y (GenY) consumers seem more environmentally-conscious than previous generations, according to a study made by New York-based accountancy firm Deloitte. Apparently, young people between 19 and 31 really do mind what they drive, and the majority (59%) of them would opt for hybrid mainly, augmented with pure battery electric (2%).

The research included 1,500 US citizens, from mixed generations (baby boomers, X and Y), as well as 250 GenY Chinese and 300 European.

Unlike the 37% of their counterparts who preferred a gas guzzler, these young people were enthralled by the fuel efficiency just as much as they were excited about the gadgets the cars contained.

For example, Toyota Prius met the target through its 53 mpg on the highway, but also the USB port for an iPod, hands-free phone capability and Bluetooth. Fans won’t have to look further than March to hop into one of them.

Likewise, Ford’s Fusion Hybrid (47 mpg) can boast about its main feature – the touch screens, which adjust the car’s temperature and call your mom on the way home. Finally, the VW Jetta Hybrid manages a similar 45 mpg, and is fast enough for the German Autobahn.

I mean…what’s not to like about cars like these?

[via Cleantechnica]

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