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Your Prius Unlikely to Get Stolen in US, Report Says


2010 Toyota Prius <1:600 Chance of Being StolenPrius drivers often have one thing on their minds when they’re signing the papers and taking their new keys in hand, that is, reducing fuel consumption. Reduced fuel consumption, of course, is better for your wallet as well as for the environment.

Every gallon saved is another twenty pounds of carbon-dioxide eliminated from the atmosphere. Insurance policies are probably cheaper for your Prius than other cars as well, because, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau [NICB], the Prius is the least likely to be stolen in the US.

Since the introduction of the second-generation Toyota Prius, over 1.2 million have been sold, making up more than half the hybrids on the road today. According to the NICB report, in the last twelve years, just 2,439 have been stolen, which is just 2/10 of a percent, and 97% of those were recovered within a month. Put another way, for the 2008-2010 Toyota Prius, only 1:606 were stolen, in comparison to the 1:78 of all other 2008-2010 models on the road today.

What makes the Prius so unappealing? Part of the problem, for thieves anyways, is that the Prius is such a unique vehicle. The motor, battery pack and control systems, as well as audio and navigation systems, can only go into another Prius, as they’re incompatible with everything else. Sure, there are other Prii on the road, but not enough to make quick turn-around on a stolen Prius, part, or accessory, which is key to the game. Prius Driver, enjoy your hybrid, enjoy being green, and enjoy the lower insurance premiums!

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