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Cops Go Electric, Too – Check out the Zero DS Bike


Maybe you thought electric motorcycles aren’t such a good idea – what if they remain without “fuel” while the criminal just slips away? However, it can be done! Especially since the electric-motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles offers different configurations, after two years of intense collaboration with the police.

That means you could be seeing one Zero DS motorbike cruising the streets, just making sure everything is under control, while another would be running after bad guys on difficult roads. So if the bad guy gets away, it won’t be because of the 6-kilowatt-hour or 9 kilowatt-hour battery configuration.

Plus, after staying 8 to 9 hours to recharge or half that time with the quick-charge kit, the bike can speed up to 80 mph and cover 70 or 112 miles before “emptying” out. After 3,000 recharges, the battery is set to refill at only 80% of its capacity.

The base police model’s look is complete with forward and rear LED lights, a siren, front battery and frame protection bars, emergency flashers and a light-cut switch, just like a regular one, while the hard storage cases, a detachable windshield are only a few of the accessories.

And this bike has something regular ones don’t: the lack of noise! No more ear-splitting rumbles – the electric motor’s instant torque eliminates shift noise, exhaust heat together with minimal weight. Wonder how much that takes out of the police budget? $15,845 for each of the 6-kWh version and $18,345 for the 9-kWh one. I guess eco-friendly, efficient motorbikes don’t come cheap, do they?

[via AutoWeek]

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  1. The price really isn’t that bad considering the price for a fully dressed conventional police motorcycle. Sure, this only goes 80 mph, but it would be fine for noise sensitive walking/biking areas or during low speed events such as parades. If the batteries could just be swapped at the end of the shift for a fully charged set, it would be very practical!


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