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ZERO Race: Electric Vehicles Team Up for 80-Day Trip Around the World


Electric car enthusiasts don’t miss a chance to show the world what their beliefs are, and that their vehicles can even take them for a clean ride around the world – the cleanest ride ever.

This is the case for EVs from Australia, Germany and Switzerland who joined yesterday, in the front of the UN building in Geneva to start the trip through 16 countries, through Europe, Russia, China, Canada and the U.S., and finalizing the journey in Cancun, Mexico, at the World Climate Conference starting Nov. 29.

It’s called the “Zero Race”, and it’s being organized by Louis Palmer, the same who rode his solar powered taxi in an 18-month world tour two years ago. “With this race we want to show that seven billion people on this planet need renewable energy and clean mobility,” said Palmer.

Each of the vehicles (a Vectrix electric scooter, a two-wheeler and a three-wheeler) is able to travel 250 kilometers on a charge. Along their journey, the team will only juice their vehicles from renewable energy resources, such as wind, solar or hydroelectric.

In case something bad happens, such as battery problems to the fourth of the vehicles coming from South Korea, Palmer will be behind them, in a repair van with a trailer.

That van ruins a little of the eco-friendliness of the ZERO race, but it’s necessary… the technology is only at its beginnings.

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