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19 Year-Old James Tuchel Creates H2O Hybrid Vehicle


James Tuchel, a 19 year-old from Grand Bahamas, has developed his own water powered hybrid car in less than 2 months using local suppliers and materials.

According to James, the car uses the properties in drinking water to increase fuel economy by up to 30 % while dramatically reducing harmful exhaust emissions.

The H2O hybrid vehicle uses a 12volt battery to separate drinking water into two useful elements (oxygen and hydrogen) that fuel the internal combustion engine.

The hydrogen from the electrolysis boosts the internal combustion process as it combines with gasoline entering the engine. Since the car relies on more than one fuel source or energy conversion device, it becomes a hybrid.

For the future, James plans to make the vehicle run entirely on water, without any gasoline.

Because the internet is full of plans sold by scammers, nowadays you don’t really know who is legit in making such claims as to reduce the fuel consumption to such an extent. Still, let’s hope James’ is real and that we’ll hear about it in the future.

[Source: The Bahamas Weekly]

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  1. Hydrogen assist devices for cars have been around for nearly 100 years. There are many of these that have been patented.

    You’ll run into big fines for using them in California. CARB won’t let them be used on cars, except by Executive Order from the Governor.

    I’d personally recommend taking those logos off the vehicle, unless you want to wind up like Billy Meyers. There are many demented persons out there running around for the oil companies. They’re only interested in getting paid for being spies. And, for goodness sakes, don’t go to ANY luncheons with the military.

    In any event, in California, those devices have to be removed before going in for a smog check, if you want to pass, that is.

  2. Great story spoilt only by the fact the car needs the gasoline and can never generate enough power from the hydrolysis of water to power the hydrolysis process. How can people not know this?

  3. Hydrogen intergration into power systems is not unique but I believe better suited to stationary applications. I worked on bringing the cost of electricaly produced hydrogen down for ten years. But I do not believe it will ever be main stream because anyone with a highschool education can make hydrogen. That being said where’s the ability to tax and control? Every gallon of gasoline sold carries a tax which builds our roads and funds lots of jobs.

  4. This is not new technology. It is well established.
    The big problem is the EPA.
    In order to use this on a gasoline engine, you need to bypass the oxygen sensor.
    That is a clear cut violation of fedeeral law.
    A few years ago, a San Diego car dealer was fined $250,000 for putting these systems in his cars.
    But it is a great efficiency enhancement.


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