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Research: Postponing 5 O'Clock Tea By 1 Hour Could Offer Huge CO2 Savings

You surely remember how it’s like in winter: you wake up, it’s dark, you turn the lights on. When you go to work, there’s finally more light, but when you return at around 5, say, it’s dark again, and you feel like you’ve been missing the whole day. But that’s not the point. The idea is that you consume much more electricity and resources if your schedule doesn’t match the daylight.


New Enzyme Allows Plants to Consume More CO2 and Save Water

Scientists at the University of California San Diego have discovered new plant enzymes that can allow plants to save water while consuming more CO2 from the atmosphere. The enzyme causes the plants to react to CO2 and change how they use their pores and by modifying the enzyme, scientists believe that could be developed more CO2- and drought-tolerant crops.


SEADOG Uses Waves' Own Power to Desalinate Sea Water

A company called Renew Blue, Inc. will use wave power to run a desalination plant in Freeport, Texas. The resulted water will be finally put into corn-based biodegradable plastic bottles. The SEADOG power system is made from a buoy which puts in motion a piston mechanism that rotates a water wheel to generate electricity.


Meteosat Used to Detect Faulty Solar Panel Power Stations

Italy is known for its plans to develop photovoltaic power as one of their main sources of energy. Having such a wide experience in solar power harvesting, several issues arise regarding the solar panels’ maintenance. Every PV plant has a sensor verifying the quantity of light arriving at its location at any given moment during the day.