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Japan Says Farewell to Nuclear Power and Welcomes Wind Power

Japan is planning to switch from nuclear power to renewable energy in the near future. This news probably doesn’t come as a surprise, given the country’s recent nuclear disaster. The population itself is so shaken with the events that two thirds of it are now supporting the government’s project to invest in wind and solar power. The idea is to make Japan rely entirely on renewable sources by 2050, which is a pretty high standard from what it has today.

Wind Lens: A Futuristic Approach For Wind Power Coming from Japan

An innovation in the field of wind power comes from Yokohama’s Renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010, through the form of a so-called “Wind Lens”. Developed by professor Yuji Ohya, the 112-meter in diameter turbine acts just like a magnifying glass, focusing the wind’s power to the center of the hoop.