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Chevy Volt Hypermilers Rejoice, 2016 Volt Offers 53 Miles Emissions-Free!


General Motors asked what Chevy Volt owners wanted more of, and the overwhelming response was “more range!” With the introduction of the 2016 Chevy Volt, everything is better, particularly range and fuel economy.

2016 Chevy Volt Offers Even MORE Electric-Only Range
2016 Chevy Volt Offers Even MORE Electric-Only Range

First, General Motors upgraded the 17.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to 18.4 kWh. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates, this gives the new Chevy Volt a range of 53 miles, almost 40% better than the 2015 Chevy Volt’s 38 miles of electric-only range. Then, the 1.4 ℓ range-extender was also upgraded, and the new 1.5 ℓ range-extender, which runs on regular unleaded fuel, is also more efficient.

Running in range-extending mode, with the gasoline engine supplying the energy to the electric motor-generators, the new Chevy Volt is rated at 42 mpg, compared to the outgoing Volt’s 38 mpg (miles per gallon). On a full charge and full tank of gas, the 2016 Chevy Volt has a range of 420 miles and overall fuel economy rating of 106 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent), while the outgoing 2015 Chevy Volt had a range of 380 miles and overall fuel economy rating of 98 MPGe.

Over the years, General Motors has kept track of how Chevy Volt owners use their cars, and the results are surprising. In spite of having the convenience of running on gasoline, about 80% of Chevy Volt mileage is electric-only. With increased electric-only range, up to 53 miles per charge, General Motors suggests that figure could increase to 90%.

Of course, that doesn’t take into account Chevy Volt hypermilers, some pushing thousands of miles per gallon, passing every gas station in sight. Car enthusiast Jay Leno’s Chevy Volt, for example, averages over 2,000 mpg! What will the new average be?

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  1. Continuing to ‘BEAT THIS HORSE TO DEATH’: 1) though you mention the ‘range extender’ and ‘running in range extending mode”; you never mention once, that the ‘range extender’ is simply a (gasoline powered) GENERATOR; and 2) thereby, a TDI Diesel Generator would conceptually, ‘run-away’ with the market (diesel engines burn very, very little fuel when idling). Few Chevy sales folk know it’s a ‘generator’.

    I can’t believe that the knuckleheads at GM are this close and have not patented the “On-Board TDI Generator” concept supporting their “Engine-Motor” (engines ‘create’ energy, while heretofore, motors could only ‘use’ energy – these new electric motors now create energy). Tesla and everyone else will eventually move toward the On-Board TDI Generator, hopefully dedicated to using 100% Veggie Fuel.

    The Diesel Engine is the most significant mechanical invention in history. Rudolph Diesel’s invention has captured nearly 100% of ‘commercial’ large-scale roadway transportation market, AND nearly 100% of the ‘commercial’ backup generator market – need you ask why? Commercial means judicial use of ‘money’ and diesel is thereby the standard.

    Maybe the ‘blunt skulls’ will figure out that extracting millions of barrels of oil p/day, refining and then burning it off into the earth’s atmosphere, over time (more than 100yrs) could, by its shear weight alone, E V E N T U A L L Y, represent a P O T E N T I A L L Y mild compromise in the earth’s ‘eggshell’ crust. . . . hmmm, maybe even catastrophic or cataclysmic, I’m not sure which (eenie meenie minie mo) – take your pick.

    But whatever you do, just continue to ignore diesel. My daughter seems to feel that nobody will listen, because I don’t have a PhD, therefore no ‘credibility’.


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