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2°C Rise In Global Temperature Could Turn Summer Into One Long Heatwave


Research has shown that is the global temperature rises with only 2°C, some regions of the planet will experience Summer as one continuous heatwave. Furthermore, some areas may become unlivable if the temperature increases by 5°C.

The research project divides the globe into 26 regions, in order to better analyze the effects of temperature increases by increments of 1°C.

When combining all the regions, researchers have discovered that for every 1°C increase, there are:

  • An additional 14.8-18.2 heatwave days;
  • Longer heatwaves by 3.4-17.5 days;

While these changes may seem somewhat manageable, things the consequences of the temperature increase become startling once we look at every region in particular.

The scientists have discovered that if the temperature increased by only 1.5°C, most of the regions would experience heatwaves every four years that would normally only have occurred every 3 decades. If the temperature increase would be higher(5°C), the heatwaves would take place every year.

By dividing the globe, the scientists were also able to determine that the Mediterranean and Central Asia would experience more severe heatwaves than other regions.

Opposed to these areas, Central America and Eastern Africa are predicted to see lower temperatures during heatwaves, however, these would last far longer than normal.

This having been said, Summers may turn into one long heatwave, if we do not impose regulations to reduce pollution and get the climate change under control.

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