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Nissan Leaf Now Has More Power with the Same Motor


Nissan has managed to increase both the maximum torque, as well as the maximum output of the new Leaf EV while using the same motor as the previous version.

The carmaker has announced that the new model has a torque of 320N·m, and an output of 11kW, higher than the previous Leaf(280N·m and 80kW). The changes were made possible by increasing the efficiency of the cooling system tied to the inverter’s power module, and well as due to modifications made to the CPU.

Nissan managed to improve the cooling of the power module by developing a system that sprays water directly on the module, instead of simply attaching a water-cooled plate to it.

In terms of CPU changes, the carmaker used a high-performance processor in order to control the motor. The new CPU can perform double the number of calculations than the one used in previous versions of the Leaf. This upgrade allows for a smoother rotation of the motor and also enables the change of the control method in accordance with its rotation speed.

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