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New 2019 Nissan Leaf E-PLus Ready to Compete With Tesla


Nissan Leaf E-PLusThe 2019 Nissan Leaf will have a new, more powerful option with a longer range named Leaf E-Plus. According to Brian Maragano, Nissan’s head of EV marketing and sales strategy, the coming “Plus’ model will be equipped with a larger battery.

He didn’t specify the capacity, however, some rumors suggest that it will use a 60-kWh pack. The current models have only 40-kWh packs, so it is a huge step up.

This improvement means more range, too. Again, there are no official numbers, but we can predict (according to other characteristics and competitors) that it will be beyond 200 miles. Last year, some users at the My Nissan Leaf forums have leaked posters stating that the car will have a 225-mile range.

Other rumors suggest that the car will have a larger electric motor with an output of 200 hp. The standard 2018 model has only 147 hp.

If these numbers are true, then Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt have a new competitor. The base Model 3 is equipped with a 50-kWh battery, has a 220-mile range, and produces 197 hp. The standard Bolt gets a 60-kWh battery, 200 hp, and a 238-mile range.

Another improvement is the charging time. A leaked Nissan presentation indicated an 11-to 22-kW onboard charger. Additionally, the car was spotted at the charging station fast-charging at 102 kW. It is 100% more than the maximum possible rate on 2018 standard Lead.

We expect this car to be officially revealed at the L.A Auto Show in November because Nissan won’t attend this year’s Paris Motor Show. Again, Leaf forum members suggest that dealers expect to get the standard 2019 Leaf this year, and the E-plus model in early 2019.

[Via Autoblog]

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