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How Much Nissan Leaf’s 24 kWh Battery Upgrade Costs


One of the biggest questions that came to peoples’ minds when carmakers started releasing cars was how much the replacements parts cost, considering the fact that the technology used in EVs is quite different from that in fossil fuel vehicles.

Nissan recently answered the most important part of this question. The carmaker announced that the battery replacement for LEAF models from 2011 through to 2015 will come with a price tag of $5,499, including the installation (as well as the additional adaptor kit that 2011 and 2012 cars require in order to be compatible with the new energy cells).

While some people may consider the price to be a bit high, it is certainly lower than that of an engine replacement for a fossil fuel vehicle.

This having been said, there are some things that people should keep in mind. First of all, only owners can ask to have their car battery replaced. Also, if an individual has a loan outstanding on the car, the lender’s permission will be required in order to perform the operation. And finally, the battery that is taken out of the vehicle must be returned to the carmaker, in order to be recycled or repurposed. Nissan prices the old battery at $1,000. Unfortunately, there is no way that you can keep it if you plan to get the replacement one.

Those who are interested in owning the new battery will be able to do so by paying a monthly fee of $100. Once the battery has been paid for, the owner of the vehicle will have property over the new replacement battery.

The replacement also comes with all the bells and whistles that one would expect, including cooling upgrades, an 8-year warranty(or 100,000 miles) against defects, and a 5-year warranty (or 60,000 miles) against energy storage capacity loss.

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  1. Tesla’s battery lasts 300k miles and cost 10k to replace, how come Nissan charge battery 6k only last 100k miles, doesn’t make sense.

  2. Nissan should sell the battery pack for half the price as we lost a lot on leaf’s resell value compare with gas engine cars.


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