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Air Powered Motors: Small as Watermelons, More Efficient than Diesel


If you watch The Green Optimistic you already know that we covered air cars in previous posts, both MDI CAT’s and the Angelo DiPietro air motor. The first time we wrote about these inventions was about 6 months ago. Now, MDI and Angelo DiPietro have contracts all over the world with auto makers to sell them the compressed air technology so automakers do what they do best: cars.

The air powered engines are light (usually built of aluminium), much more efficient in the DiPietro’s case, and none-pollutant. In fact, you can fill up a tank of air in just 2-3 minutes from any powerful air compressor.

Watch the “Beyond Tomorrow” video and convince for yourself! For a moment I tend to believe that is really the future of automobiles. Anyway, there’s a battle between this simple mechanic technology and the electric motors with more complicated computing systems. Who knows who will win? Maybe both.

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