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Two 14MW Heat Recovery Systems Built in China


The Chinese company named “China Energy Recovery Inc” has completed the construction of two wasted heat recovery systems. Also, they announced they have signed two more contracts with foreign customers to build such heat recovery systems.

One of the two systems built in China have already started operating and the second will also start at the beginning of August this year. Their power is of about 14MW of electricity and 26.8MW of pure heat energy. All of this is made by recovering the wasted heat from two sulfuric acid factories from Shandong and Sichuan provinces.

“We continue to enjoy tremendous growth and expansion within our homeland market in China, where our reputation for service and superior technology has earned us great respect. However, we are extremely proud that our reputation has reached outside of China and is growing in other parts of the world.”, said Wu Qinghuan, CEO, China Energy Recovery Inc.

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