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Ze-O: Very Cheap European Electric Car


The british company Nice Car will present next week at the Auto Salon of Great Britain, in world premiere, the little Ze-O, an MPV-type vehicle, fully electric, available from the next year for families with a lower budget.

You may see it small, but Ze-O is a large car, which any medium level budget can afford, being available on the British market beginning with this autumn, and in the rest of Europe from 2009. The new electric Ze-O was designed in Europe, and the actual construction was possible with the help of company partners, in China. Without polluting emissions, the Ze-O will get rid of the pollution taxes imposed in many countries by their governments.

Its maintenance costs will be reduced considerably compared with traditional models on gasoline or diesel, because of the low mechanical complexity an electric car has.

If this EV would be produced in Europe, it would need a bigger price. So, being produced in China, it’s cheaper, but the problem of transport arises. The pure electric car, with no pollution, is being carried from China probably using diesel engines, or, in the better case, by electrified railroad. Anyway, a method must be found so to manufacture this electric car cheaply and locally (not further than Europe), for its cleanliness claims to be totally true.

More details will be disclosed along with the presentation of the model in the series variant, in world premiere at the Auto Fair from London, starting 22nd of July 2008.

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  1. Cool! It’s a draw, but I’m leaning towards the Goss car. Though it looks like they might be competing with each other. Trying to capture the same market with similar cost structures.

    Goss132 is a good size for families. More mainstream for my needs.


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