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Barack Obama Approves $10,000 Discount in Electric Car Prices


If you live in the U.S. and always wanted to buy an electric vehicle, but you couldn’t afford, think again. The newly released budget that President Obama approved can offer you a $10,000 discount off the price of an electric vehicle.

That is $2,500 more than what’s being offered right now – however, if you opt for an EV, you’ll get the $10,000 reduction at the time of the purchase, not later that year – thus cutting the bureaucracy and complications on the buyer’s side.

The options you have are the Chevy Volt ($41,000), the Nissan Leaf ($36,000) and the Mitsubishi i would be even more accessible, for even less than $20,000.

Having read this, you can only be happier than you were yesterday, even if you can’t afford one, even with the reduced price. Of course there will come a time when electric cars will be as affordable as gasoline cars are today. You will even be able to buy a second-hand one, fit a new battery and it’ll take you virtually forever, since the electric motor won’t break nearly as often as the gasoline one.

Only one hop remains to be overcome: the law has to be approved by the Congress…

[via ecogeek]

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