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Toyota Prius C – Probably the Cheapest Hybrid Car in Australia


If you’re living in Australia and looking for a hybrid, then the Toyota Prius C is the one for you. With the renowned Hybrid Synergy Drive technology and an unmatched price, March will bring the newest model of the Prius series.

This is not to say that the Australians aren’t used to it, since the third-generation Prius hatch is already on sale for some time now. Besides that, hybrid cars are not really a novelty, with prices that reach even $29,990.

However, the Prius C hopes to beat the competition with its “thousands of dollars” below what was mentioned above. And don’t worry; you won’t be making concessions anywhere else: the car offers enough space for your legs and your luggage, because its designers thought about putting the fuel tank and the hybrid battery under the rear seats.

With these qualities on board, Toyota plans on smashing the gasoline-powered Australian market, just as it did back home in Japan: when people saw how great it was, orders started flowing in by the thousands, 10 times more than what the officials had predicted they would have sold. In this case, may we suggest you take a look at it and maybe go home driving one?

[via FastMotoring]

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