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Climate Change Less of a Problem Than North Korea to Americans, Says Poll


pew-research-climate-changeA new study from Pew Research Center says the Americans are the least worried about climate change, despite the fact that scientists have been issuing warnings after warnings for several years now.

The 60 percent of the U.S. citizens who don’t see climate change as dangerous “teamed up” in views with other people polled in countries like China, Jordan, Egypt or Pakistan. In total, a number of 37,653 people were interviewed inĀ 39 countries.

Just as a proof of how the television indoctrinates people is the fact that the biggest fears right now are Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear program (59%), the Islamic extremists (56%) and Iran’s plans to build nuclear bombs (54%).

However, people living in Europe, Africa, Latin Asia and Latin America don’t take climate change too easily. Canadians don’t take it easy, either, as 54% of them responded positively to the poll.

It looks like people forget about climate change after a cold winter, which makes them perceive what’s happening as the total opposite of global warming. Actually, the term “climate change” is a more accurate description.

You can read a more detailed report here.

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