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Texas Governor and Climate Change Denier Rick Perry Fails to See Drought Declaration Irony


Rick Perry Hot AirTexas Governor Rick Perry, one of the most outspoken deniers of climate change in the United States, has declared a drought emergency for over 200 counties in his state.

Failing to admit, or even acknowledge, that the extreme weather that Texas is currently experiencing may be linked to climate change, Rick Perry has instead suspended “all rules and regulations that may inhibit or prevent prompt response to this threat” and authorized all necessary measures to deal with the emergency.

Not only has Perry himself refused to acknowledge the validity of climate change, but many of the state’s other Republican politicians also declare that global warming data is doctored or patently false, warning that the data that does exist has been manipulated by the political left.

This politicking is happening at a time when Texas is experiencing its third worst drought since record keeping began in 1895. Extreme temperatures, scant rainfall, and lowering reservoir levels have all contributing to great concern about wildfires.

The US Drought Monitor purports that over 95% of the state is in a category of dryness ranging from “abnormally dry” to “exceptional drought.” The level has risen at a concerning level over the course of the past year.

Finally, in May 2013, The Texas legislature passed, and Perry signed into law, a bill that started a revolving fund to invest in regional and local water projects aimed at finding solutions to Texas’ long-term water needs.

For every year the drought continues in Texas, it is costing 115,000 jobs and $11.9 billion in losses to its economy.

Texas is finally addressing the drought and trying to develop policies to deal with the shortage, however, it would be advantageous if Rick Perry and other climate change denying politicians would admit that some of these issues might be caused by global warming and work toward some preventative measures.

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