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Amsterdam Shipyard Hosts Recycled Container Theater


O-A-Recycled-ContainersAmsterdam’s architecture firm O+A have created a large shipping container for the city’s annual Over het IJ theater festival. The container was made from materials from the town and was located in the NDSM Shipyard in the Dutch capital.

O+A used the containers as makeshift building blocks in their design, which made for an unforgettable spectacle due to the sheer size of the undertaking.

The recycled container theater was fitted in such a way as to be able to host live shows. Also part of the construction was pop-up stores, multiple platform levels and a restaurant.

Featuring long communal tables that were the same length as the container as well as a corrugated bar, the restaurant proposed a fresh experience. The whole project was also in a three-dimensional checkerboard design that enabled there to be an outdoor/indoor space that was describes as “gezelligheid” or cozy.

The structure, which lasted two weeks, was O+A’s contribution to the 20th Annual Over het IJ Theater held in Amsterdam every July.

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