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Appeal To Future Inventors


Electric cars are the future. And that’s for sure now. I’ve seen a lot since I began writing articles about free energy, perpetual motion or hybrid/electric cars. And now I may say the electric cars have the greatest chance of developing over the years. Why? Because they are and will be light, easy to maintain, pluggable, clean, and easy to understand for electric engineers (which, by the way, are a lot more than the mechanic engineers:) ). That was a joke, of course.

So, in the following years, we may expect that computer science is not only for computers, and mechanic sciences are not only for the mechanic part. Everything joins forces to become electro-mechanic, and for the first time in history of robotics, bits and bytes will become spread on a very large scale. I may say a Huge scale.

If you’re a student in Computer Sciences, Telecommunications, or Electrical Sciences, make something for your future! Grab your teacher’s arm and tell him to change the materials, to include everything, you must know everything nowadays to be a good engineer. Ok, maybe not a good engineer. You can be good in electronics, and only that. You’re a good engineer. But you may want to know more about everything to invent something new and durable.

You’ve seen all the examples of self-made millionaires, how they got there, how they crawled in the beginning and reached the top in the end! Do you think Bill Gates learned how to do business and at the same time program a computer in machine language, only by studying computer science in school? I hardly doubt it.

The future is in your hands. Today’s inventors are only beginning to show up their all-science talents. You must not be “so” specialized anymore. Grab your power and invent something good for the world! Use everything and learn everything.

You only have a life, here. And it’s in your duty not to miss it. Feel the pleasure of inventing. Feel the future. Grab it.

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