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How to Build Chas Campbell’s Gravitational Engine



There is a lot of talk about Chas Campbell’s gravitational field invention, but for the beginning I will start with a few notions:

Chas has invented a mechanical device which takes the gravitational energy of Earth and transforms it into kinetic energy. Principally, it uses a wheel having balls in it. It’s known that if you grab a steel rod and you want to lift something up with it by using a ground point, you can lift the thing easier if you grab it as much as far from the base point.

Here is an excerpt from a document I found on panaceauniversity.org, which describes best how this system works (I thought about re-writing it, but I couldn’t do it any better and more accurate). So, many thanks to these guys.

“Most people see this as an electrical system, but applying his gravity “lead-out” theory, Mr Tseung see this as a gravitational free-energy system and he is building one just like it in China at the present time as he is so impressed by it.

What the sketch above does not show, is that on the intermediate shafts which appear to be just pivot points for standard gearing, other large discs are mounted. These appear to have no practical effect and are just decorative, but that is not necessarily the case.

Let me explain the overall system. A mains motor of 750 watt capacity (1 horsepower) is used to drive a series of belts and pulleys which form a gear-train which produces over twice the rotational speed at the shaft of an electrical generator. The intriguing thing about this system is that greater electrical power can be drawn from the output generator than appears to be drawn from the input drive to the motor. How can that be? Well, Mr Tseung’s gravity theory explains that if a energy pulse is applied to a flywheel, then during the instant of that pulse, excess energy equal to 2mgr is fed into the flywheel, where “m” is the mass (weight) of
the flywheel, “g” is the gravitational constant and “r” is the radius of the centre of mass of the flywheel, that is, the distance from the axle to the point at which the weight of the wheel appears to act. If all of the flywheel weight is at the rim of the wheel, the “r” would be the radius of the wheel itself.

This means that if the flywheel (which is red in the following photographs) is driven smoothly at constant speed, then there is no energy gain. However, if the drive is not smooth, then excess energy is drawn from the gravitational field. That energy increases as the diameter of the flywheel increases. It also increases as the weight of the flywheel increases. It also increases if the flywheel weight is concentrated as far out towards the rim of the flywheel as is possible. It also increases, the faster the impulses are applied to the system. Now take a look at the construction which Chas has used:

You notice that not only does he have a heavy flywheel of a fair size, but that there are three or four other large diameter discs mounted where they also rotate at the intermediate speeds of rotation. While these discs may well not have been placed there as flywheels, nevertheless, they do act as flywheels, and each one of them will be contributing to the free-energy gain of the system as a whole.

If the drive motor were a DC motor which is deliberately pulsed by a special power supply, then the effect is likely to be even greater. It is not clear if the irregular drive which makes this system work so well is due to the way that the mains motor works, or to slight slippage in the drive belts. The bottom line is that Chas’ system produces excess energy, and although it is by no means obvious to everybody, that excess energy is
being drawn from gravity.

Ok, so what are the requirements for an effective system? Firstly, there needs to be a suitable flywheel with as large a diameter as is practical, say 4 feet or 1.2 metres. The vast majority of the weight needs to be close to the rim. The construction needs to be robust and secure as ideally, the rate of rotation will be high, and of course, the wheel needs to be exactly at right angles to the axle on which it rotates and exactly centred on the axle:
Next, you need a motor drive which gives a rapid pulsed drive to the shaft. This could be one of many different types. For example, the original motor design of Ben Teal where very simple mechanical contacts power simple solenoids which operate a conventional crankshaft with normal connecting rods:


This style of motor is simple to construct and yet very powerful. It also meets the requirement for rapidly repeated impulses to the axle of the flywheel. The motor power can be increased to any level necessary by stacking additional solenoid layers along the length of the crankshaft:
An alternative suitable drive system could be produced by using the same style of permanent magnet and electromagnet drive utilised by the Adams motor, where electromagnets positioned just clear of the edge of the rotor disc are pulsed to provide an impulse to the drive shaft, in the case shown below, every 30 degrees of shaft rotation.

Here, the sensor generates a signal every time that one of the permanent magnets embedded in the rotor passes it. The control box circuitry allows adjustment of the time between the arrival of the sensor signal and the generation of a powerful drive pulse to the electromagnets, pushing the rotor onwards in its rotation. The
control box can also provide control over the duration of the pulse as well, so that the operation can be fully controlled and tuned for optimum operation.

Any ordinary DC motor driven by a low-rate DC motor “speed controller” would also work in this situation, as it will generate a stream of impulses which are transmitted to the flywheel. The shaft of the flywheel will, of course, be coupled to an automotive alternator for generation of a low voltage output, or alternatively a mains voltage generator. It should be stressed that having several flywheels as part of the drive gearing, as Chas Campbell does, it a particularly efficient way of leading-out excess gravitational energy. Part of the electrical output can be used to provide a stabilised power supply to operate the drive for the flywheel.”

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  1. Have anyone of you guys who disputes this built one of these devices? Why not try it out and THEN comment on it?!? Has ANYONE attempted to contact Chas Campbell on this device of his? I think before ANYONE can write anything on this then we need to try it out for ourselves to either prove OR disprove it. And if it doesn’t work, then find out if it was because it really DIDN’T work, or you DIDN’T build it properly. Free Energy (ZPE) does exist in whatever form (Flywheel, Electric, Electret, etc.) and maybe one of you fine gentlemen (or gentle ladies) need to research it out . . . It would be a fascinating research, and it does NOT violate the theories of physics – it only reveals a new source of energy that we are not familiar with (yet).

  2. Ovidiu, ar fi minunat ca energia gravitationala sa poata fi transformata in energie electrica doar printr-un ansamblu de volante conectate intre ele intr-un mod convenabil. Volantul este un acumulator de energie.

    Unul impresionant, altfel n-ar fi utilizat de firme precum Beacon Power: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1ZFh1vMkZQ.

    M-am intrebat de multe ori daca aceste dispozitive “free energy” nu reprezinta doar o intelegere gresita a principiului de functionare a volantului. Majoritatea celor care realizeaza acest tip de dipozitive nu-si pun intrebarea cat este energia acumulata in volant(e) la inceputul miscarii, energie pe care n-o contorizeaza.

    Depasirea consumului de energie electrica echivalent cu aceasta valoare (din care mai scadem pierderile prin frecare care sunt si ele mari) dau exact valoarea lui “free energy” care se poate consuma din dispozitiv fara ca acesta sa se opreasca. Chiar daca consumul este zero la un moment data dispozitivul se va opri si va trebui reincarcat cu energie cinetica.

    In concluzie, in situatia de fata se poate oare ca: volant = acumulator de energie, “free energy” = energie acumulata fara a fi masurata si consumata apoi ca provenind din nimc?

  3. While I haven’t read through all the comments below, one item I’m curious about is the generator unit itself.  What is the torque required to start the generator spinning?  What is the output from the Generator unit in voltage and amperes?

    • for 750 watt input it is about 2800 to 3200 watts
      that mean if the voltage is 220 so the AMP =2800/220 = ? …
      watt= V*AMP

  4. There is a kind of super inertia thus a moving mass, a
    brake pulse can be removed without this mass is slowing proportional. This
    phenomenon is called Reynolds number which plays only in the 1/150 sec range.
    Thus, water is really briefly as hard as concrete. Turnaround a bicycle, let a wheel
    running and brake it off with a wooden style, then try to slow down the wheel
    with pulsed short timed strokes of the cane in the opposite direction, you have
    a lot to do – that is this type of free energy

  5. So, connect up the excess power to run the system in a self contained way, if the speed and or out put drops, we have a problem !

  6. May I suggest that you change the 1HP driving motor to a 3 phase 1HP driven by a VFD. This way this setup can be used on a wider variety of generator heads. I always had a problem with running items at full throttle for no reason other than to waste energy. A VFD would considerably prolong the life of the driving motor.

  7. Be a power contact connection, and drive Adam Sandler’s electromagnetic, motor crankshaft, speed control, automotive alternator. Generate some cash, and build your own UFO, Anti Gravity Spacecraft.

  8. Hmmm

    I don’t recall that the inventor ever stated that his device generated “free energy” This canard is always thrown out as a blanket to hide the truth. What he is saying simply is that his system captures more of the energy created by the system and he is able to turn this previously wasted energy into additional electrical power.
    What he has created (in a long long line) is a machine that is far more efficient than anything currently in use. Suppose his idea could could cut energy use in half for a a given output. Does anything honestly think that the powers that be that own the oil/gas/coal/nuclear power companies would allow a device which effectively cuts demand for their product in half to ever see the light of day. that is what all this is about. Overunity is catch all phrase that is used like “conspiracy theories’ to prevent the public from finding out the truth. And the truth is that for at least 100 years there have been devices available that would effectively cut our energy use by at least 50% and perhaps much more. Its about money. We have it and they are busy stealing it……..

  9. I too cannot grasp the steps outlined here. It would be good if someone could interpret and re post. I would like to believe in the inventor, but there are too many comments suggesting that it is hogwash.

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  19. This quote is where the whole thing fails: “While these discs may well not have been placed there as flywheels, nevertheless, they do act as flywheels, and each one of them will be contributing to the free-energy gain of the system as a whole.”

    Flywheels do not and never will provide an energy gain. They can store energy but only give out what is put into them, less losses.

    How on earth anyone can say gravity is involved in this is beyond logic.

    Chas might be a nice old bloke but he knows nothing about physics and for his device to be seen to be supported by The Green Optimistic is misleading as folks out there might think it actually works.

    The pro “free energy” brigade will no doubt have a different opinion but they don’t know any better, they haven’t tried to build such a device and they are fed a diet rubbish from conspiracy theorist websites that try to tell us all the laws of physics don’t always apply.

    Sad, so sad.

  20. This is rubbish. A little bit of “pseudo-science” is used as a basis for conjuring up the rest of this drivel. Gyroscopes and large flywheels are fascinating, but they don’t create “excess energy”. There’s no such thing.

  21. If this thread is still active, and you have a good idea of the concepts concerning the mechanics of such a device, and its affect on its surroundings, then I would really like to have a private discussion of this. Im having trouble grasping the basic actions of the device that allows anti-gravity, and in what manner that area of anti-gravity acts with different objects. If you believe you could answer these types of questions for me, i would appreciate your insight.

    contact- http://www.facebook.com/editaccount.php?networks#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000130816590



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