Free Energy Generator – The Pinwheel Gravity Engine

Pinwheels have been used for many things along history. One of the most interesting uses I've ever seen is making a pinwheel act as a free energy generator, powered by gravity.

Chunlei Guo's Metal Pushing Water Uphill Without Extra Energy

Chunlei Guo, a researcher from the University of Rochester, along with a team of scientists, have created a slab of metal that can push water uphill, defying gravity, by using the capillary effect. It's the same effect that happens when you put a piece of fabric in a wine glass, for example, and hold it with your hand.

Free Energy from Gravity Obtained by Serbian Overunity Device

From ancient times, people have been trying to find out the perfect energy producing machine. For that purpose, brilliant minds put themselves to work and researched the most sophisticated mechanical machines ever. Until nowadays, no such machines have broken through the filter of time, and no such wonderful inventors are known to have made the over unity device.

How to Build a UFO-like Anti Gravity Spaceship

Maybe the title's "antigravity spaceship" aim is too high (it's a long way 'till there), but Tesla, followed by other scientists along the last century,...

How to Build Chas Campbell’s Gravitational Engine

There is a lot of talk about Chas Campbell's gravitational field invention, but for the beginning I will start with a few notions: Chas has...

Chas Campbell's Gravitational Free Energy Machine

Chas Campbell has created an electro-mechanical energy machine, which uses the gravitational power to rotate a flywheel, and then power an alternator which consumes...