The Green Ushers’ Gravity-Powered Machine Promises Pollution-Free Electricity

Gravity holds us all on Earth. It is a force that’s still being misunderstood for some reason, a phenomenon whose true explanations lie in quantum physics not yet discovered by mankind. Some say it could even be harvested for energy, since some hundred years ago, but nobody truly succeeded to popularize such a device.

Some guys from India called “The Green Ushers” have seemingly done it. They used the force of gravity to produce usable electricity and, as they claim, even patented the thing (in India).

The machine is quite big, but they say it’s able to outperform solar panels or wind turbines in efficiency. However, unlike those inventions claiming working overunity devices, this one claims only a part of the energy being powered by gravity. Despite that, they also claim no emissions from the machine, which, to me, says it must be co-powered by hydrogen…

Here’s what they say:

It is 100% Green, standalone, highly scalable, highly potent, universally viable & feasible, infinite, renewable, reusable, relocatable, and free from any variable climatic and/or socioeconomic dependency, gives maximum yield against the area required for setup, and have long service life with a capacity factor of more than 99% and can consequently achieve grid parity instantaneously.

The site also says “the countdown had begun,” which may mean that they’re ready to produce and ship such gear.

Look at the video below and judge for yourself:

Hat tip to Victor for the news.

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