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Gravity-Powered Irrigation System Replaces Diesel Pump and Saves Rancher $3,500 Per Year


Operating a water pump with the force of gravity may seem like an interesting project for many. Roger Barton, from Ferron, Utah, didn’t just dream about it, but put his ingenious mind to work and, with the help of an engineering firm from Redmont he managed to change his diesel pump with a gravity-powered one.

When he and his wife first installed the diesel turbine to irrigate the 120 acres of alfalfa back in 1998, diesel was a dirt-cheap $1 per gallon, so it was worth the investment. Now, when prices climb, owning a diesel power plant just isn’t that rewarding, so they had to change things for the better.

Barton realized that the pressure of the water coming from the tower was double than he needed, and thought he could power a turbine that could produce electricity with it, and so he did. With help from the engineering Redmond Irrigation, he used a custom-made Cornell turbine to drive the hydraulic pivot that needed 15 horsepower to operate.

Besides being green, Barton’s system saves him $3,500 per year. Although the initial investment was $17,000 he received money from a grant under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) which consisted of a 65% cost share. His calculations show that he will recover the investment in about 2.5 years.

Gravity power is a resource that could be used more widely. If the water in the main tank gets there from the rain or from a mountain spring, that’s actually free energy that could be used in many places to replace diesel pumps or even grid electricity, having a potential of saving millions of dollars worldwide.

[via cleantechnica, attra.org]

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  1. Oh sorry,I read it wrong and incomplete,It’s not that very big achievement,His pump principle is not same as my engine,my engine produces power in truely unconventional way!

  2. Well,I mean to say,”Analogous “,which means similar.Both his and mine may use similar basic principle /idea but the working mechanism may be totally different!

  3. I am 75 percent sure,that this gravity pump works on the principle I used!

    I am Aman. Perpetual motion machines are impossible. I am inventing an engine that runs on gravity for small domestic use and also optimising it for next world future cars. But my engine is not a perpetual motion machine!
    This is “gravity-piston impulse kinetic power technology.” It’s like releasing a heavy ball over a small, lightweight ball at some distance from the earth’s surface in a vacuum. This means, without any considerable reduction of speed of the bigger ball travelling towards the ground, the smaller balls get extra energy due to gravitational amplification. Well, my engine works on a similar principle. In other words, it works on the principle of gravitational amplification.

    What happens is very similar to this equation: “Impulsive gravitational energy absorbed and used by lightweight small ball from the heavy ball due to gravitational amplification plus standard gravity (9.8); as output electricity (converted) equals small loss of big ball due to impulse resistance/back reactance plus energy equivalent to go against standard gravity plus fictional energy loss plus impulsive energy applied.” I can’t disclose the whole concept to general public because we want to apply for a patent. There are a few diagrams relating to my idea, but I fear someone would copy them. Please wait until I get patent so that I can disclose my engine’s whole concept.

    At first, I intended to produce products only for domestic use and as a camping accessory. I am doing more research for increasing power output so that it can be used in the future in cars. My engine uses heavy weight piston gears, and four flywheels in an unconventional and different way and pusher rods, but not balls. It was necessary for me to use the example of balls to explain the basic idea I used in my concept. (The ball system is analogous to the piston-gear system I am using in my engine).

    I want to release one more secret of why might non Perpectual magnetic engines get power from magnets,continuously,

    Magnetic engines? Yes, possible but they are not perpetual.

    Photons (light) hit the atomic particles continuously to compress particles inside atoms and thus store energy in them similar to a compression spring in the form of nuclear energy!So you can extract that energy to get required electrical power!

    So non-perpetual magnetic engines are possible, but some people can cheat by claiming to invent perpetual machines.


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