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Aquacube Water Treatment System Provides Clean Water in Underdeveloped Countries


Water, a key element of life, has always been one of the most exploited natural resources. Even if we have a lot of water (71 percent of the earth’s surface), in some places on earth drinking water still remains an unsolved issue. Especially with the increasing population and industrial development, our clean water resources dropped drastically in recent years.

So, in order to improve the standard of living in these places, people started to come up with innovative solutions. Hugh O’Donnell and Dr. Keith Gavin created the Aquacube, a water treatment system that can turn filthy water into potable, anywhere and anytime.

In underdeveloped countries people had to cross considerable distances only to provide few liters of water for their families. For countries like Africa, where the availability of drinking water has always been a real problem, the Aquacube water purification system could make a difference. Being able to operate with minimum infrastructure and under the most demanding situations, the Aquacube will be perfect for people living in those places.

Having all the necessary equipment and power supply, this water treatment system is supposed to be installed near villages. The entire water treatment system and some huge tanks for water storage will be housed in shipping containers. The Aquacube system will treat various types of water, so it can be easily used for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes.

Using water treatment systems like Aquacube in these countries, the number of deaths caused by diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid fever will also be drastically reduced. It is known that a considerable proportion of deaths around the globe are caused by waterborne germs, but with efforts and innovation these statistics can to change.

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