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Nissan's "Leaf To Home" Can Power Family Home For 2 Days


Nissan officials have recently demonstrated how to use the Leaf electric car to provide electricity to a house near their headquarters in Yokohama, in suburban Tokyo.

According to the Japanese car maker, the energy obtained from Leaf’s battery pack is enough to power usual home appliances for up to two days.

The new system, called “Leaf to Home,” has been conceived as an emergency power backup for the homes during a power blackout or a natural disaster. Nissan claims that the new technology will be on the Japanese market by March 2012.

The system works by connecting the vehicle via a quick charging port to the house’s electricity distribution panel. The lithium-ion batteries used by Nissan Leaf have a capacity of 24 kilowatt-hours when fully charged.

The output that comes from the electric vehicle is of about six kilowatts, enough to run appliances such as an air conditioner, a washing machine and a refrigerator at the same time.

[via Physorg]

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