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Australian Magnetic Motor Inventor Claims 440% Efficiency



Here’s a Sky News Australia video about an inventor who claims he got to obtain overunity in something that resembles a magnetic motor at a first glance.

He says that his invention will cost about $5000 and will be available starting this year, although I doubt that – even if it worked, nobody would allow him to unveil the system. It seems so natural to me, like the jungle law.

I’ll do more research on him to see the progress.

Watch the video!

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  1. Its only idiots that dont understand science to say this is a scam This is not the first motor made to actually work using magnets This shunned by those who stand a chance of loosing their jobs because power companies are just screwing us for greed So you have my vote and 100% of any educated South African We know t works I also made one and this is the way of the future There is no stopping it !!!

  2. Simple, if he get into the traps that Oil Companies do against inventions to avoid using fuel, just publish online and let every body build. Or sell to Israel, they do not care about using Oil, the are going green too.

  3. where can i get one of these magnetic generators and who or how can i contact someone names numbers addresses etc im very impressed and would like to know a lot more about it


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