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Video of a Working Homemade Linear Magnetic Motor


I accidentally stumbled upon this three-year-old video today, watched it and realized that the guy has just demonstrated what many people don’t believe or want to believe: that magnetic motors exist, work and can provide useful effects to humanity.

This is a demonstration of a linear magnetic motor in which the experimenter puts a piece of magnet at one of its ends and the magnet travels by itself, or should I say, with the help of the other magnets surrounding it, to the other end of the machine.

What’s to note in this video is that the shuttle magnet stops before reaching the other end. However, if there would be no end to it, the magnet would travel indefinitely.

The guy who made this linear magnetic motor explicitly says at the end that it’s nevertheless possible to reproduce the machine in a circular form and make it ever-spinning.

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  1. Yeah Tulameen.. and no one of millions of students keen to do the same have ever managed to make one and put diagrams online.. obviously what you saw then was either a fake and you got conned or the one you saw was real and the rest of the world is stupid?

  2. I personally know beyond doubt that permanent magnet motors function. Read the history on Tesla…..his motor is a permanent magnet motor. Later he received in a flash inspiration the principle of the AC electric motor. I have personally witnessed a permanent magnet motor functioning. 
    There was strong reason why the government siezed Tesla’s work to keep them secret and continue to mock and debunk the very motors they use  secretly. 

    If you stick with the basic principles it is certain to work.


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