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How to Build a Tesla 4 Battery Switch


Nikola Tesla invented a device containing 4 batteries linked in some order I will present, that the 4 batteries somehow recharged themselves.

How is it possibile? That can’t be, you’ll say, since every science class taught in school denies there is any other law above the conservation of energy. Indeed. True as it can be. But they didn’t tell you one little thing: energy sources ar far more large by number than those teachers taught you. There in fact is only one source of energy, and that is the Universal Energy. From it, aside others, derives the electric energy, the movement of electrons that make the electric current.

So, skipping theory, Tesla used the fact that lead ions are heavier than electrons. Every circuit, in it transitory phase (from zero-volt to x volts) develops a much higher voltage applied on the negative side. This voltage (pile-up of electrons meeting the much heavier lead ions) is then normally distributed in the circuit. If you cut off the load and the source battery, all the voltage made by the electrons gathered at the negative side of the battery you want to charge, go in that battery. If you do that from 200 to 800 times per second, you can charge the destination battery (lead-acid) in a very short time (tens of minutes). By switching the batteries between them, you restart the process and reload the source battery.

There is a company (Electrodyne Corporation) who tested this ensemblement and for three years they fueled many devices, with no unusual damage to the batteries.

Now: if linking this to a Toyota Prius HV battery, what would the MPG be? Huh? Infinite, at low city speeds?

P.S. For more details look on the PDF attached here starting with page 25.

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  1. I’m familiar with the circit from what few of Tesla’s papers I have been able to lay my hands on them.  What keeps on bothering me about this battery switch is where is he accounting for the expended heat energy converted from the electrical energy in ra esistive circuit, for example, like in a simple incandescent lamp bulb.

  2. The 4 battery switch is identical to the one in PRACTICAL GUIDE TO FREE ENERGY DEVICES  except that the diodes are reversed. Are both diagrams workable.
    Please explain this diode reversal.

  3. hi,are this switches just ordinary ones or needs to be modify more?what kind of switch did you use to produce high frequency? cheers

  4. HI, i did like the nikola tesla switch and i’m interested into bringing this nikola tesla switch it to a school project (science fair), And i would like some more information about it, how does it works, how do you construct it, what do you need to make it happend, and also i do want a research question of the nikola tesla switch, if it’s posible feel free to contact me by my email,.. ( p.s sorry for a bad englisch)

    kind regarts,..

    student of a high school of ARUBA.

  5. daminenu,

    sounds like you have had successful experience with it. Thanks for naming some components you used. Was the Tesla Switch not able to deliver the complete 30kW? Why did you add the Gray pump
    scalar converter?
    Any difficulties with specific cable length adjustments?
    Best Regards

  6. Uh Tesla sorta proved that zero point energy does exist. He just didnt call it by that name. So long as the big oil men keep telling us that overunity is impossible I guess we just keep on beliveing it. Kinda like so long as the media keep on telling us that our country is a democracy well keep beliveing that too. I live in the USA…Remember the pledge of alliegaince? Anyway just keep believing what is told by others without yourself investigating and you have become voluntarilly ignorant.

  7. Sorry, I have found NO evidence that Tesla had anything like this.

    Some huckster just piggybacked his widget on Tesla’s good name.

    Keep up the great articles, but … until somebody PROVES Vaccuum Point Energy, please leave the over unity stuff to the cranks.

  8. work good in 80KHz commutation together witch Gray pump
    scalar converter
    13V to 4KV 80KHz for ion valve
    13V to 50V 80KHz low voltage ion valve
    ferrite transformer HF band and UC494 for control driver and opto
    IGBT commutation IRGP50B60PDPbF and very fast diode 50ns
    for Tesla switch
    10KV very fast diode 50ns in ion valve

    30KW from 0 consume for eternity

  9. Hello. Thanks for providing the explanation and ebook link.
    I’ve experimenting with a much simpler version of the switch and the results are interesting in how quickly the charging battery charges. Though I’m not rotating it yet.

    Have you replicated the schematic on this page with success?

    If you’d like to contact me, feel free to drop me an email.



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