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California, Hybrid Capital of the Nation, Research Finds


Hybrid Taxi in San Francisco, CAAlternative fuels, which include electric and hybrid electric vehicles, have a lot to offer when it comes to saving money at the pump as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

While there are just over fifty electrified vehicles available in dealers across the US, depending on where you live, you might never see one on the streets.

According to a recent study by Polk, an automotive research firm in Southfield, Michigan, only 2.87% of new car sales in the entire US are hybrids.

Where is the hybrid capital of the Nation, and where are you least likely to find one? Tulsa, OK reports only 0.58% of new car sales are hybrids, the lowest in the Nation, followed by Lafayette, LA, Corpus Christi, TX, Wheeling, WV, and Minot, ND.

To find more hybrids on the road, then, you better head to the West Coast, where California, Oregon, and Washington take top spots in hybrid sales in the Nation.

California is the hybrid capital of the Nation, nine cities ranging from 5.85% to 9.4% of all new vehicle sales being hybrids. Eugene, OR ranked at 7.89%, Seattle, WA ranked at 5.9%, and Tucson, AZ ranked at 4.89%.

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