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Canada Planning to Increase Hydro Power to 88.5 GW


Canada is preparing to increase its hydro-electric resource usage to 88.5 GW. The country’s hydropower industry plans to allocate up to $70 billion on hydro-electric projects in the next 15 years.

The most part of the projects are planned for provinces with abundant precipitation. According to the specialists, hydro-electric power is much cleaner in cold climates than in warm ones. The reason is the methane emissions that are lower in colder climates.

Quebec is building another 4,570 MW, British Columbia 3,341 MW, Labrador 3,074 MW and Manitoba 2,380 MW.

Hydro fits perfectly with solar and wind power because it can be turned on or off almost instantaneously, “Filling in the gaps from intermittent sources,” as Jacob Irving, head of the Canadian Hydropower Association, says.

Now, most of the new clean energy is for exporting to the US. “Each terawatt hour of hydro exported to the United States largely replaces fossil fuel generation,” says Irving.

[via Cleantechnica]

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