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CO2 Reaches Record Levels at South Pole Observatory


coThere is no excuse for denying the impact carbon dioxide emissions will have on the Earth. The South Pole Observatory just reported startling news: carbon dioxide concentrations soared past 400 parts per million (ppm).

This is daunting for the Earth, given the obvious negative effects of pollution and heavy emissions.

The South Pole, given its unique location on the globe, finally reached the same carbon dioxide levels that the rest of the world has experienced. The last point in time that carbon dioxide concentrations exceeded 400 ppm was 4 million years ago.

How will this affect interpretations of climate change? Some may say that carbon dioxide concentrations fluctuate year to year, but the fact is that overall scientists have noticed an upward trend.

The first recording of carbon dioxide concentrations happened in 1958 at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Climate Observatory.  Carbon dioxide levels were at 310 ppm in the late 1950s. The same observatory recorded carbon dioxide levels above 400 ppm in 2013.

The world reached 400 ppm faster than the South Pole, being that emissions arise from the northern hemisphere of the globe. This warming effect will likely increase further over time.

Researcher Pieter Tans at NOAA’s Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network explained, “The far southern hemisphere was the last place on earth where CO2 had not yet reached this mark.”

It is unlikely that readings will change significantly in the near future, perhaps slightly only less than 400 ppm, even if the world greatly cuts back on its emissions. It can take thousands of years for the excess carbon to leave the atmosphere.

Ralph Keeling, a scientist familiar with climate aspects, stated, “we are now in a new era of Earth history.” A reverse button may not exist, but with excessive reductions in emissions, the Earth’s outlook might improve.


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  1. The air will eventually mix even at the south pole. CO2 levels rise and fall based upon the amount of plants currently growing in that hemisphere. Since its winter in the south hemisphere of course the CO2 levels are higher. Of course it does not help that the majority of that hemisphere burns wood to keep warm and cook their meals. However I have suggested a small part of a solution to some of the CO2 emissions currently taking place in the United States. If you have watched the news you have seen that 1/3 of the west is basically on fire. Has anyone calculated the carbon output of these fires currently burning? Seems to me that this would be a perfect place to start reducing carbon emissions. First we will require or mandate all the people in the affected areas to get fire fighting training, then mandate extreme fines and penalties on the people when a fire breaks out in their state based upon the carbon emissions of course. Then mandate a over ride control on all the cars west of the Mississippi so when CO2 levels are increased by these fires a master button can be pushed to disable them until levels return to normal. This is of course a stupid idea but some will think its a great idea except for those who will be taxed or fined. The fact of the matter is CO2 levels may indeed be on the rise (all human activity generates carbon emissions all) the very best thing you could do about it is to plant a tree, or cotton,or flax or any other plant that is used to make a non perishable product. The reason is what ever product is made represents sequestered carbon. That old pair of jeans hanging in your closet that’s sequestered carbon, your coffee table, the 2x4s of your house (wood and paper products) just about anything made from plants. There are many reasons CO2 levels can rise and it’s not always mankind that does it, the artical above admits that so are we the cause of climate change and global warming? The answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no based upon what you believe. That’s right it’s a belief not science or fact because everybody spouts figures of how emissions have increased but never show how much carbon is sequestered, never speak about how the population has increased, never recognize we are still comming out of the last ice age etc, etc,. I’m not a climate change denier the climate has been in flux for millions perhaps billions of years it will always change, the question is can mankind stop it or controll it or simply use it to redistribute wealth and regulate the people and scare people into making decisions based upon half truths and false beliefs. People are gullible and can be lead if told a lie over and over again. I feel sorry for the people being lead down a path of lies because they won’t educate themselves. It’s the same thing that been going on for years in the middle east, the population is uneducated so they simply follow the leaders and what they tell them. The leaders are telling them to hate their fellow man and so they do. Not based upon any real thing but simply because that’s what the leaders want.


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