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Tesla’s Model 3 Could be Delivered Sooner Than Expected


model 3In a move to acquire customer satisfaction, Tesla responded to the need for the Model 3 sedan by changing the production start date. Model 3 is expected to be produced in November 2016 instead of the original 2017 date.

The high demand for Tesla’s Model 3 may be because it is a “green” electric vehicle with cool features like the ability to drive without charging for about 215 miles, the ability to go from zero to 60 mph in less than six seconds, and its physical design.

Model 3’s exterior has glass from the windshield to the rear, while the interior will have a touch screen and fewer physical buttons than older vehicles. The price is fair, estimated to be anywhere from $35,000 to $42,000 depending on add-on features.

Recall Tesla joined with Panasonic to produce lithium-ion battery cells for vehicles such as Model 2, Model S, and Model X, and the desire for Model 3 becomes obvious. For Tesla’s benefit, Panasonic is about to begin producing the batteries.

Customers who reserved a Model 3 can expect delivery in the near future. This is quite the accomplishment, given that the number of pre-orders for Model 3 totals to almost 400,000.

The batteries for Model 3 will need to be manufactured. For this, Tesla’s battery plant, deemed the Gigafactor, in Nevada will open July 29. Invitations addressed to guests planning to attend the Gigafactor Grand Opening were recently sent out by Tesla.

Evidence of an attempt to meet the production deadline was observed recently by drivers in California. Model 3 was spotted and videotaped by several drivers who were unaware of the changes to the release date. It may have been a simple test drive for Model 3, but it indicates Tesla is ahead of the game in pleasing its customers.

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  1. The way this site swoons over Tesla and as biased as its articles are, you’d think they’re a marketing arm for Tesla.

    How about more objectivity and less hype? With PHEV’s now appearing offering EV mode, it’s not like Tesla is anything close to the only game in town offering pure EV miles, especially in the time frame we’re likely to see the Model 3 produced in volume.

  2. Any proof for this other than people seeing a preproduction car driving around? You know that doesn’t mean anything right? They just said a few weeks ago that the design isn’t finalized yet, their parts suppliers need time to gear up, and the gigafactory isn’t ready to start producing batteries at volume.

    • Yeah I don’t buy this at all. And since they don’t even know it’s GigafactorY they’re clearly not doing their research.


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