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Caron Bicycle Offers Six Ways to Pedal and Move Forward


caron-bicycle@2xCaron Bicycle is a no-ordinary two wheeler- it allows you to move forward, while pedaling backwards, and more.

On my quest to convince more people to leave cars behind and jump on a green two-wheeler, I have written about various models and versions of new and improved bicycles that provide numerous advantages and gadgets to make the ride a pleasure. I believe many of these extras are not particularly necessary, but if they tip the scale in the morning a bit more towards the choice of the bicycle over the car, then I am all for them.

We all know the benefits of opting for a bike– you are not stuck in a traffic jam every morning, you do not generate any carbon emissions, and you combine clean and quick transportation with your daily exercise. But, depending on the distance, sometimes the muscles that you work out get tired, or you’d like to exercise a different group of muscles, or you simply get bored of pedaling in the same old-fashioned way. If you find this familiar, then Caron Bicycle is the one for you.

Caron Bicycle is a one-of-a-kind two wheeler that can be pedaled in six different ways, yet it still moves you forward along your route. You can either opt for the regular way, or chose to pedal with one foot, you chose left or right, and move it up and down at the front at full resolutions, allowing the other foot to rest at the bottom. You can also move both feet up and down, or side-by-side, or alternate the feet. If you are a bit confused, then do not miss the video bellow that shows how it all works.

Just like regular bikes have gear changing buttons, Caron Bicycle has mode-changing button, which switches between the different options.

The bike is currently on Indiegogo gathering supporters. If you give the very modest $795 you will get a full-on adult size two-wheeler, but you can also get a kids bike for $570, or just an add-on-kit for $245. The campaign is doing really well, but the guys have not yet reached the target, so they need your support.

Image (c) Caron Bicycle

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