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Chinese Kindergartners More Knowledgeable About Electric Cars


electricNot many were introduced to electric cars as early as kindergarten. Yet, in China, Tesla is providing an educational program for kindergartners to learn about green transportation.

Children will learn the differences between electric and gas powered vehicles.

Compared to the United States where fossil fuel concerns are mainly focused on profits, China is providing the educational transition from gas powered vehicles to green technology. Tesla is the educational leader, as other manufacturers have yet to catch up.

The Tesla China blog stated, “To accelerate changes towards sustainable energy, Tesla is committed to promote the development of electric vehicle technology and, more importantly, to create a green way for people to travel. ‘Tesla experience centers’ throughout the country will carry the functions of promoting public science and electric vehicle technology by often hosting public open day activities.”

The children are given a breakdown of different energy sources as well as the theory behind green technology and the proponents of electric vehicles: “Using plain language and pictures, the Tesla staff explain to the children the structure of the car. They brief them on the difference between using electricity as an energy source and burning oil. During the presentation, the children learn about electric vehicle power technology and theory.”

The hope is that other countries will adopt similar educational programs that mainly target youth. Tesla remains open about its educational programs and encourages other groups to apply for the education day activity. Many who reside in the United States have never even had access to the type of information Tesla is providing.

United States citizens assume that they are informed on green technology, however there could be a public effort to explain the differences between gas and electric vehicles. This would possibly impact the economy based on the purchase of certain vehicles.


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