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CIA Funds Geoengineering Project That Could Reverse Climate Change


theciaheadquReversing global warming using geoengineering methods has become increasingly interesting to the CIA, NASA and NOAA. The three agencies have been funding a project of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which is set to find the best geoengineering solution against increasing temperatures.

The NAS project does not have an aim to conduct any practices. They will only evaluate various geoengineering techniques, including sending particles to the atmosphere in order to reflect back some of the incoming radiation, or to construct a machine, which can directly extract carbon from the atmosphere.

With a budget of $630,000, NSA has 21 months to find the best way for altering weather patterns. The arguments will be based on existing international research, and they promise that all funding will be made public on completion of the study. The ultimate goal of NSA is to outline the possible negative consequences and predict any possible national security issues that might result from reversing global warming.

This is where the CIA comes into play. The US intelligence community has a track record of examining the implications that global warming might have on national security. Up until last year, the CIA even had a whole research center dealing with the issue, but the U.S. Congress did not approve of such direct involvement of the agency.

It is only a matter of time before we hear the opinion of the governmental officials regarding this new initiative. But it is no secret that the CIA was already involved in similar activities before, as their plan to induce rain during the Vietnam War was carefully executed by the U.S. Military. Whether this have worked or not, we cannot be entirely certain, as no one could see what would have happened if they did not initiate actions, but one thing is certain- it all took place.

There are many similar stories from around the world. An interesting one comes from China, where the government tried to seed clouds before the Summer Olympics, and triggered rainfall before it could reach the capital. The Canadians also tried to alter weather patterns by igniting plankton growth, which could extract carbon from the air.

We have to be frank. The CIA does have a point. Global warming is a matter of national security as it changes geography. As snow melts, it uncovers new territories, while increased rainfall in other areas might trigger international conflicts. But is this initiative a part of larger plans of the agency to get control over the world? We have to wait and see.

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  1. The word “geoengineering” is a PR spin campaign for covert global weather warfare and “natural” disaster genocide.  The technology was developed decades ago.  Google “Operation Popeye, Vietnam War”.  The tech has gotten more advanced and the government more corrupt in the 40 years since.  Peace.

    • MaxMogren If that was the case, then what’s causing the extreme weather conditions and accompanying deaths and suffering here in the US?


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