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How Can Modern-Day Technology Change The World?


it_photo_119989Can modern-day technology change the world? This is the question that David Brin tackles in a remarkable piece published on the Red, Green and Blue website a few months ago. Entitled “Technologies that could change EVERYTHING”, the article provides an alternative prospective to what can be considered a “game-changing” invention.

As the author moves from LED light bulbs, which take over the market faster than ever thought, through solar photovoltaics, which are becoming more and more affordable, to graphene, the miracle material with various ground-breaking applications, and other impressive innovations, the reader is exposed to a wonderful collection of not simply a great technology, but one that is becoming more “green.”

Zachary Shahan, from CleanTechnica, commented on the news, pointing out that “technology that could change everything” is not simply a fun experiment conducted at an university lab. Yes, these do have their influence, however the real game-changers are technologies that are already existing and could transform energy and technology industries in the most needed and critical way.

These technologies in one way or another are already changing the general opinion and the way of thinking. Half a century ago, people believed that burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is the best thing that could happen to society, and only a limited few were considering some sort of renewable energy source. Thirty years down the line, people are much more concerned about the environment, and the consequences that polluting and not caring about it will have on it, or them.

It is wrong to think that only the corporate giants and governmental officials can take actions, although they are the key players, as we reported yesterday. The main message is to raise awareness among the general public. I guess, this is also what Zachary Shahan wanted to communicate in his piece. Spreading the word through social media is what each one of us can do in order to make more people realize how important green technology really is.

Switching to cleaner technology and protecting the environment around us will surely improve our, and future generations’, quality of life. Now, this is how technology can really change the world.

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