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These “Coal Rolling” Videos Are Just Disgusting and Outrageous


Turns out that besides the normal, ordinary folks that you encounter while walking or driving freely down the street there are two other categories:

1. those who would do anything for the world to prosper and
2. the retards, who only want to show off how much damage they can do

At first, when I saw this video, I was disgusted, horrified, you name it. I literally felt sick:


After I watched it twice, I found out there’s actually a movement emerging out of this “coal rolling” thing:

And now the epilogue:

Prius drivers can be liberal freaks, indeed. They can drive like grannies, impede the normal flow of car traffic and some only live because it’s illegal to kill them. But most Prius drivers (or any other eco-conscious car drivers, for that matter) are not. They’re just people who want to move around on fewer bucks and at the same time save some gas getting burned and making the neighborhood less sick of airborne pollution.

Then why are these bastards smoking people on purpose, just to stand out? Someone please explain to me the psychological profile of these creatures, I just can’t figure it out.

Someone with the necessary authority, have them shut down, and put them to forced work in an EV factory for the legally minimum wage! As far as I know, if it’s illegal to mess up with the car’s pollution control systems, why is a store selling devices that can do this able to commercialize this kind of stuff? And heck, it’s a simple electronic circuit, not an iPad, and they’re selling it to retards for $500!

Mr. Obama, if you’re reading this, please take action, before it gets worse!

Please share this video to your friends, so maybe someone does something to prevent this movement from developing further.

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