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Top 5 Solar Technologies That Save Lives Around the World


light-in-haitiFor most people in the Western world, solar power is seen as the alternative method for energy generation that many choose because it is clean, efficient and could save money in a long run. However, millions around the world do not have the comfort of having this choice, and they solely rely on solar technologies as these are their only source of energy.

Thankfully, over the past few years, an incredible number of projects set their eyes on the areas around the world, where people do not have the comfort of using grid energy. Dedicated scientists and engineers kept inventing solar powered gadgets of all shapes and sizes, with the only aim to help those in need.  Thanks to Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding campaigns, many of these projects were realized and are saving lives as we speak. So, here are some success stories.

1. Waka Waka solar light

This is an old-time favourite of ours. These solar lights, developed by Camille van Gestel, a Dutch developer, went into production back in 2012, when the initially modest crowdfunding campaign resulted in a great success. To date, there are nearly 75,000 Waka Waka solar lights that replace the dangerous kerosene lights.  In addition, again through Kickstarter, the developers were able to give life to a solar battery charger to go with the light. Here we should also not forget to include the incredible ‘buy one, give one’ initiative, because of which around 50,000 people in Haiti received a precious gift.

2. Fenix ReadySet solar battery charger

A solar-powered battery charger, developed by the renewable energy firm Fenix International, went into mass-production in 2009, after a very successful crowdfunding campaign. The gadget proved to be not only a solution to a pressing energy problem in Uganda, but it also generated employment and income. Of course, the guys at Fenix are not stopping here. They are currently trying to make the product even more easy to access with a new mobile payment system.

3. BuffaloGrid

Another project that was first tested in Uganda, aiming to provide access to a solar powered portable grid. It is specifically directed towards charging of mobile phone devices, allowing people to develop their revenue streams without having to travel long distances.

4. Econet Solar Home Station

Again, aimed at people with no access to grid energy, this soar home station is essentially a solar panel connected to a battery. According to Econet, their low-price home power station is providing energy to charge electronic devices and power lights to more than 2,000 households in Zimbabwe.

5. Spor Portable Solar Battery

Spor portable solar battery is also aimed at communities that rely on mobile phone communication, but have no easy access to power sources. The battery has outlets suitable to charge three different brands of mobile phones. The battery is also a product that was realized thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Of course, these five are only a selected few. There are many others that we have already told you about, so if you feel like browsing through, do click here.

Image (c) Waka Waka

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