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How to Save Water Without Changing Our Daily Routines


water-tap_2066686bClimate change is happening, and the best indicator for this is the continuous drought that many American states are fighting with for quite some time now. The efforts of governmental officials, regardless of how big or small, alone are clearly not enough, meaning that we should all join forces and save as much water as possible. Here is how.

There is quite a pronounced and slightly alarming trend among our society to rely completely and entirely on governments to resolve any issue that might arise. Unfortunately, although people have the full right to do that in some cases (such as political and economy-related debates), in other cases I see it as simply careless and lazy behaviour. Here, I particularly refer to environmental-related issues such as preserve water resources, reduce household waste disposal, recycle, etc., etc., where even the slightest individual effort can make a huge difference.

Following the article on tips and tricks for best recycling strategies, it is time to have a look at how best to save water without having to sacrifice any of your normal day-to-day activities .

1. Inside the house


The best way to save water is to check (and fix) leaks. The most simple method is to get a recording of your water meter then turn off all faucets, and wait for two hours. Then go and get a reading again. If it has changed, then you have identified a problem. Find the source and fix it.

Dishwashers and Washing machines.

No one is telling you not to use these, even on the contrary, it is often that people waste a lot more water when they handwash their clothes and dishes, by leaving the water running all the time. However, you can make a difference here too. Just make sure you start the dishwasher and the washing machine once they are completely full.


Instead of taking your dinner out of the freezer one hour before it has to be served, just do it the night before. This will save you from having to place the frozen chunk under hot water stream until it is defrosted.

2. In the garden

OK, this is a tough one, because all garden lovers want to see the “green” even if there is drought alert. But remember, no one is telling you to give it all up, just water the plants in a smart way.

Time of watering.

Always early morning, or late evening. This minimizes evaporation.


Always aim them at the plants, not the drive way.


Keep the grass a bit longer. This makes it cast a shadow and reduce evaporation.


The biggest No-No. This stimulates plant growth and increases their water intake.

3. Outside the house

Rain water

The best thing you can do is to collect rainwater- every drop you can. If you place a rain barrel under every down-spout you have,  you will never feel guilty again for keeping your garden green.


Do not wash your driveway, just go over it with a brush. The rain, whenever it comes, will do the rest. Besides, it is likely that if you live in California, you might even get quite a big fine for it. The government is introducing penalties for careless water usage, so to be on the safe site, check out the full report.

No matter what, just remember, every little helps and makes a difference.

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