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Crazy: 644 Horsepower Hybrid MiniCooper


A UK-based company, PML, has modified the famous Mini so it goes from 0-60 in about 4 seconds, overpassing the Porsche Carrera 911, having 640hp and… nothing unusual until now. So it’s got the ZAP-X that I was writing about. But this crazy little bee or buzz or even mosquito is electric!! An electric Mini… converted, not built by default to be electric! It has 4 160hp electric motors encapsulated in the wheels aaaand… more than that… it’s got an additional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to recharge the battery when its voltage*current=power reaches a certain threshold. The ICE weights 15kgs. Great! It can go 1500km with all that, with no recharge. The independence of the battery is of about 350 miles.

Let’s not say it doesn’t have ANY BRAKES. No. Any brakes at all. All the braking is done by the electric motors, thus recovering part of the energy used to accelerate to that speed.

The Mini is a light car, putting that much power on it may seem over-craziness, but… why not? If you’re to die, you die because of not knowing how to handle that car, it’s not the car’s fault.

Conclusion: a crazy car.

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