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BMW X6 Active Hybrid Concept


The BMW guys did it again. Now they have BMW X6 Active Hybrid Concept, a car made for long roads and smart moves. Labeled a Sports Activity Coupe, the X6 ActiveHybrid visually and dynamically captures the essence of BMW’s brand. Its striking style and unique paint-job and wheel combination work to set it apart from the standard model.

A dual-mode hybrid, the X6 Hybrid is propelled by a gasoline engine, an electric system, or both. The system was developed jointly with Daimler Chrysler and General Motors at a special facility in Michigan in the past three years- though BMW reminds us that they were developing hybrid cars as far back as 1980.

The Concept X6 ActiveHybrid can be driven only on electrical power, the combustion engine, or both at the same time. Like the Concept X6, the ActiveHybrid has underfloor protection made of brushed aluminum but, unlike the Concept X6, the ActiveHybrid underfloor panels move out when needed to cover the tailpipes while driving on electric power only.

The drivetrain is CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and this also has two modes: one in which it is fixed on a certain transmission ratio, or an infinitely variable gear, depending on the situation it is used in. BMW says this is more than the standard CVT hybrid transmission because it can provide a dynamic driving impression that a normal CVT cannot.

BMW X6 ActiveHybrid is designed using the platform of “Efficient Dynamics”. Future models will be developed using the same design line.

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