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Danish Hotel Gives Free Meal to Anyone Cycling for 15 Minutes in Their Gym


While pointless as a way to really change something in the course of pollution reduction, a Danish hotel found an interesting way to both motivate their customers go green by pedaling and give them a free $36 meal voucher.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen engages its visiting customers to exercise in their gym and produce about 10 Wh per 15 minutes of cycling, and reduce their carbon footprint… well, the numbers are small, and the reduction is even smaller, but the it’s the idea itself I find interesting.

“Many of our visitors are business people who enjoy going to the gym. There might be the odd person who will cycle just to get a free meal, but I don’t think people will exploit the initiative overall,” hotel spokeswoman Frederikke Toemmergaard told BBC News.

While excluding the part where outsiders could also cycle for reducing their carbon footprint, the hotel also says that if the plan will be successful, all the Crowne Plaza Hotels in the UK will adopt it.

About 36% of Copenhagen’s inhabitants cycle to their work daily, making this a national tradition: “Because Copenhagen is strongly associated with cycling, we felt the bicycle would work well as a symbol of the hotel’s green profile,” Ms Toemmergaard said.

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