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Do You Believe in Climate Change? The Japanese and British Are Skeptical, Survey Says


The everlasting debate over climate change is now quantified and located geographically according to a survey carried out this summer for the insurance firm Axa. Nearly 13,500 adults from  Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States were questioned whether they believe in the cause.

Although the awareness in many tropical countries is high, citizens of Britain, Japan and the United States are not so convinced. Last Thursday, the poll revealed that the figures range from 58% in Japan, 72% in the United States, up to 98% in Mexico.

Most people have noticed increase in drought and number of extreme rainfall events. Raising temperatures have also been noted as a consequence of climate change.

An interesting question posed to those who took part in the survey, was whether there is a scientific proof behind the statements of climate change supporters. An impressive 95% of all questioned Indonesians answered with a clear “Yes” followed by 89% of the citizens of Hong Kong and 86% of the Turkish. The Japanese, British and Americans were the least persuaded by scientists, with a positive answer given by only 58%, 63% and 65% respectively.

As a main cause for climate change, 94% of the residents of Hong Kong, 93% of those in Indonesia, 92% Mexicans and 87% of the Germans accused the human activities. Only 58% of the Americans, 65% of the British and 78% of the Japanese agreed with this statement.

Via: Phys.org

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