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E.U. Tax Imposed on Airlines “Lousy,” Says U.S. Official

Boeing B-47B rocket-assisted take off on April 15, 1954. (U.S. Air Force photo)

A controversial carbon tax on airlines imposed by the E.U. has been disproved by the U.S., China and Russia and several other countries (>20). Now, the U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, called the tax “lousy.”

LaHood also requested that the E.U. drop the carbon tax “in order to help accelerate our effort to forge a global solution.” However, airlines will only receive their bills starting with 2013, after having been assessed this year’s carbon emissions. In response, the E.U. said it won’t back down.

Now, I don’t like paying more for any service I use, but in this case I really am on the side of the E.U. tax. The U.S. and the other non-U.E. countries should, in my opinion, keep their tone down about this tax, and implement their own. It’s not fair that China or Russia interfere in European businesses, be them commercial or political, much less calling their laws “lousy.”

Airplanes are among the heaviest polluters and should be discouraged to postpone the renewal of their technologies with better, more fuel-efficient ones. The E.U. has the right of imposing their own taxes, just like any other state or union imposes theirs.

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