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Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags, Imposes Use of Recycled Materials in Paper Ones


The state of Hawaii is now officially shunning plastic bags from its markets. Not only putting a tax on them, but banning plastic altogether. Paper bags make no exception: all those that aren’t made of at least 40% recycled stuff don’t fit in the pattern.

This effort will prevent around 450 million bags a year from hitting the ocean and will greatly reduce the associated pollution on their beaches.

The Sierra Club and the Surfrider Foundation, two organizations that led the effort, also hope for the state to impose a 10-cent tax on paper bags in the near future, and the money to be used for cleaning the mess previously done by the use of plastic ones.

We applaud this initiative and hope other states and countries join the “club,” but first we need viable alternatives to become cheap and sustainable. However, at least locations that have open access to the sea or ocean should implement such a program to prevent the ecological catastrophes that plastic bags have started since their invention.

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