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EarthSure's Wind & Solar Powered Electric Car: Would It Work?


airray_5_RIzER_69EarthSure, an innovator in alternative energy sources and renewable energy company is planning to develop a zero-emission electric vehicle powered by solar and wind energy. Called AirRay, the new car will be equipped with four wind turbines and a solar roof. All of these will be able to generate the necessary electricity to keep the batteries charged up.

The roof of the vehicle is equipped with a solar honeycomb-membrane panel which collects the sun’s energy when moving or parked and transfers the collected energy to the main storage system of the car. That’s why the AirRay’s entire system is unique.

airray_3_IV945_69The car’s front hood boasts three wind turbines which transfer air into electricity and is then stored in the main battery. It also has an additional wind turbine in the trunk of the car that grasps at the airflow that surrounds the car when driving. EarthSure has incorporated the car with Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capabilities that will enable the drivers to transfer electricity back to the grid to lower their bills and to transfer renewable energy back into their homes for use in their household.

“Our final masterpiece of automobile will be solely electric powered and not have any need for gas or oil. The energy the car creates through the solar panels and the wind turbines will be enough for the automobile to run without worry of losing power. Not only that, but it is a sleek looking car! The AirRay car not only turns air and light into energy, but will turn a lot of heads too!”, said EarthSure CEO, Raymond Saluccio.

I’m not a mechanical engineer, but I do wonder how these guys thought about the car’s drag when they conceived the system. Wouldn’t then the energy received from the wind turbines be lost through air friction? Let’s assume the turbines would be very efficient (let’s say 99.9%), and the car would not benefit nor lose anything from the drag, then what would you do if the wind blows from the sides, and not from the front or behind, to give extra power? You’d be left with a 100% solar-powered car, which I don’t think is enough for driving to work. But I may be wrong – who knows?

Watch the following video to see how the AirRay car works:

[Source: Ecofriend/Reuters]

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  1. Kindly clear : (1). The prime mover of the car? is it a traction motor (AC or DC), one or two?
    (2). In which form is the electricity is stored ? Dry cell or SMF or VRLA or Lead Acid cell battery. Voltage please?
    However few suggestions:
    Another helping source :
    (1) Using two sets of batteries – one in working and another standby, depends on the type of cells used….and their competent weight & other relevant characteristics.
    (2) Mounting an alternator to charge the batteries and meet the auxiliary load of light, metering/measuring devices, music etc. (during running) that is reducing the drain of batteries.
    Rakesh Choudhary , Senior Section Engineer (Electrical), North Western Railway, ( Indian Railway)


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