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Swing Door WaveRoller Generates Up to 300KW of Energy in the Surge Zone


WaverollerOne of the simplest ideas of harvesting the ocean power was developed by Rauno Koivusaari, a fin diver who got inspired by exploring the depths of the seas and lots of shipwrecks.

The WaveRoller is now funded by the E.U., who granted Koivusaari’s company, AW-Energy, with $4.4 million for the development of the first full scale demo. WaveRoller weighs about 20 tons and is able to produce 300 kW of energy. Each 20 ton unit “door” can be connected together in threes to generate about 1 MW of electricity. A modular farm of any size can be made in this way on the sea bottom of these three-packed units in order to increase the energy output.

Koivusaari’s WaveRoller uses the roiling currents from the sea to generate energy. The motion of the water on the sea floor called by Koivusaari “the surge zone”, is used to move a piston pump. This kinetic energy can be converted to electricity by a hydraulic system in combination with a hydraulic generator system. The WaveRoller will be put in waters from 21 feet to 75 feet deep.

AW-Energy has been developing the WaveRoller for 15 years, perfecting it in every way possible. Their half-scale module was released with impressive results. Later this year we will also get the results of the full-scale module which will be deployed off the coast of Portugal. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the full scale measurement results.

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