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Elon Musk Doesn’t Do It For The Money


Apparently Elon Musk has been the target of some rather negative comments lately, and specifically that he only started Tesla motors to take advantage of government subsidies.

Well he has gone on the record, and banished this fiction from the public mind once and for all.

Mr. Musk was driven to start Tesla Motors in an act of compassion, after GM removed the EV1 from the marketplace, by force. In 2003 GM used advanced legal maneuvering to remove all the EV1’s from their owners, who apparently had candle light vigils to mourn their loss.

Not A Wise Move

Well GM, looks like you ****ed-up. Because that action is the reason that Elon Musk got into the car business, and now Tesla may overtake your market capitalization.


There is the small matter of the giant short interest in TSLA, and also the fact the the company is still revenue-negative. But most airlines are, and they aren’t changing the nature of transportation, or manufacturing.

Tesla is far more than a car company, the idea that an infrastructure is being built to charge their cars is nothing to be overlooked. They have a pre-order book that any manufacturer on the planet would kill for, and it just keeps getting bigger all the time.

Bigger Fish

Whatever the price of TSLA is, Mr. Musk could care less about it. He is here to make some very big changes a reality, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

It isn’t like he was just waiting on the sidelines for some juicy government assistance, so that he could rip-off the USA with the most innovative company in the history of the world.

One look at the Gigafactory will show how committed Elon Musk is to changing the game, and the kinds of risks he is willing to take in order to do it.

While Mr. Musk didn’t say it in his latest series of tweets, I will on his behalf:

“Don’t hate me because you ain’t me!”

Tesla Rocks!

[via cnbc]

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